Hot Plate Compact with Iron

Compact Hot Plate Plus Encaustic Iron
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  • Item #: Set Hot Plate Iron

 This little iron was created for painting with wax, and when you use this IRON it will be"The Most Fun You Have Ever Had with an Iron!

Smooth Base (no Teflon) and a high quality temperature control gives you a STABLE LOW-TEMPERATURE. Packs flat and can be used as a small hotplate palette too! Voltage 110 /120v ~ 120w 60Hz Fitted with plug & flex. UL approved. This iron is a great tool for imaginative, exciting wax art! 

Encaustic Art Hotplate Compact A small ingenious hotplate with immense creative potential. This compact hotplate is heated by clamping the Painting Iron body underneath the beautifully clean anodised aluminium plate. It is simple to fit together and the iron powers the heat requirement perfectly. Work directly on the surface with a card or lightweight board. Use the convenient heated platform as a palette for melting and mixing colours when brush painting with wax. Swipe card through molten wax colours. This compact hotplate is a brilliant addition to your encaustic art tool collection!

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