Creative Versa-Tool (Threaded Tips)

Creative Versa-Tool with 12 Tips
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Creative Versa-Tool
Temperature Control


Plastic Case

Hot Tool Variable Temperature Control- with comfort grip
Tool Stand
Storage Case with dividers
12 interchangeable (threaded) Points,99530601 Encaustic Art Drawing Tip
    Universal Point
    Flow Point
    Tapered Point
    Calligraphy Point
    Shading Point
    Transfer Point
    Hot Knife Point
    Lead-Free Solder
    Soldering Point
    3 Hot Stamping Points

Let your imagination carry you away-with all these new possibilities.

Lead Free Solder With Rosin Core
Instructions and Technique Ideas

Many Uses which include:
Encaustics for detailed work
Leather -Soft Plastic, Fabric, Encaustics, Hot Stamping
Cork, Iron-On Embellishments, Hard Plastic, Leather, Wood, Encaustic
Cork Natural Fabrics, Paper, Stencil Cutting, Wood,WAX
Ceramics, Foam Core Board, Foam Pumpkins, Paper, Soldering, Wood, WAX

Tips for use with WAX
    Use Lowest Heat Setting (I taped mine in place)
    If was smokes- Turn the Heat Down!
    The Temperature control is on the cord (I found a was to include it in my grip, so     it doesn’t interfere with painting

Versa-Temp Zones to give you temperature control for every project.

Caution: Hot Tool can cause severe burns. Use carefully and Keep away from combustible materials.  Not intended for Children. Not to be used as a Toy.   

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